“Family Promise is truly a program of the community we live in. It's existence, strength and success lies within the support of local faith congregations, their volunteers and community volunteers. There is power in volunteers walking alongside a family struggling with homelessness; sharing a meal and conversation allowing moments of normalcy; and providing a safe refuge where the families and their children can truly rest. Every volunteer and donor who donates a gas card, cooks a meal, provides for immediate needs, or shares their lives with our guest families also share in that family's success as they move back toward sustainable independence.”


Even with distance, you can still help!

Dear Family Promise of Collin County Family,

As a community organization, we strive to do everything we can to preserve the safety and health of our guests, volunteers, staff, and community. While we have not had any cases of COVID-19 among anyone connected to our organization (as of March 20, 2020 at 5pm), nor do we have anyone suspected of infection connected to our organization, we are monitoring the developments of the COVID-19 virus very closely.

We have decided to implement a social distancing plan for Family Promise of Collin County. The purpose of this plan is to protect the health of our guests, staff, volunteers, and community as a whole and to play our part to slow the spread of this virus in our community. The plan outlined below will go into effect starting Sunday, March 29, 2020, and will extend until April 5, 2020. On or before April 1, Family Promise Leadership will evaluate whether or not to return to normal operations on April 5. Please monitor our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

Phase 1 – Social Distancing Plan – Actions Family Promise is Taking:

1. Churches: Our Congregational Rotational Shelter Program will be placed on a temporary hold until at least March 31, 2020. *In an effort to protect our guests, volunteers and congregational partners, there will not be families rotating to local churches during this time. Once families are approved, we may still need partner congregations to provide meals and supplies. More detailed information will be communicated directly with partner congregations.

2. Volunteers: All in-person volunteer activities and events will be suspended until at least April 5, 2020.  Our Day Center will be closed during this time, and we will not be accepting unsolicited donations. Please call the day center to arrange to drop off supplies requested.

3. Guests: We intend to serve 2 families upon approval, we currently have 0 families in the program.

4. Staff: Our amazing staff are our biggest asset as an organization and we want to do everything we can to ensure they and their families stay healthy. We intend to have staff at the Day Center during normal business hours, but this may not be possible.  Phones will be answered on site or remotely during business hours.  Staff with fevers or who have underlying health restrictions are asked to stay home.

5. Community: While volunteer opportunities are limited during this time, we need our community now more than ever. Here are four ways you can help:

·        Give Financially: This transition will increase costs for Family Promise of Collin County, so your financial support during this time will be significant. Please feel free to donate online at:  http://familypromiseofcollincounty.org/donate.aspx 

·        Supply Donations: Please follow us on Facebook to keep track of updated needs requests: https://www.facebook.com/familypromiseofcollincounty/  All other donations will need to be postponed until further notice.

·        Be Kind and Pray: We ask that you be kind to one another and pray for our neighbors and community during this time. We will be posting updates on our Facebook page in the weeks ahead. This is an unprecedented effort, but together we can meet this challenge as a community.

Let’s continue to spread the Hope that Changes the Story.


LaVeeta C. Hamilton

Executive Director

Family Promise of Collin County


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